Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit '18 App Reviews

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Milo’s Fantasy Baseball review

Great app really teaches you how to manage a baseball team, if I don’t ever get the chance to be an engineer, I’m going to be baseball manager, really gives me something to do when I’m bored!


The ability to import my leagues teams and players is nothing short of phenomenal. I’m paperless at my drafts now. Five stars.

Great Draft Kit

I buy this every year. Very customizable for any league format. Projections and news updates every 24hrs.

Awesome Product

Made the draft very easy and awesome info.


Great app


I was hoping for import draft features. Difficult to track live during draft. The information is great

Fantasy baseball draft kit

Love the app, buy it every year. It’s helped me win my league multiple times. Only thing stopping the 5th star....where is Marcus Stroman?


I don’t think you want this like i like the game but your team cant play in games so thats all i want to say

Fantastic App

Has really helped my cause the past several years in many of my drafts. Great tool!

No support

4 years and counting I have asked for stat categories my league uses and they keep saying maybe next year. It’s an ok tool, but it’s gimped if you use non-standard categories

Amazing app

The best way to successfully manage your fantasy draft, no matter the format.

Export feature not working

Export and email features haven’t worked for days now. I called support and they were of no help. Thanks for ripping me off.

Good but Pricey

Love this app, I use it exclusively for my draft. Only issue I have is that it seems to be creeping up in price. Much higher and I’ll find a cheaper, albeit lesser, app to use.


Great work from the RotoWire team. I use this app for all my drafts and auctions.

Must-have draft app with room for improvement

I buy this app every year and it is always worth it, but there is room for improvement and it hasn’t changed much in several years.

Best all-in-one app

This is the best all-in-one fantasy baseball draft kit app. While the projections, customized scoring, rankings, articles, and depth charts are invaluable, the UI is so easy to use during the draft itself. I’m glad my league-mates don’t use this.


Would be great if you provided projected lineup orders per team.

Very solid

Only one recommendation... Putting max bids on the roster summary of all teams

Draft kit

I get this app every year and it give me a big Advantage in my leagues it's definitely a must get

The only thing I use

I’m in a 16 man Roto league that has been in existence for 30 years, this app is all I use and it works great, no more magazines or legal pads with chicken scratches on it, we hold a two day 32 round draft.

Fantasy advantage

This app helps me organize my team, up to date Injury reports, up to date closers, and most importantly to my league a full list of prospects. Not even joking i added 15 top prospects in my league. The app let me organize every other team in my league so i knew who needed what which helped me with waiver priority. I don’t spend time rating apps but for this I made an exception.

Used it for 5 years

Best draft kit going. I play in dynasty leagues and the attention to prospects is top notch. I use it constantly and even use it during the season to reference players I might pick up. 5 Star!!

Great site

Outstanding for manual ranking and preparing for my draft. The ability to use colored tiers is awesome. Just wish there was commonality between viewing my list from various devices...not a game breaker, but that would make a great app even better.

Worth the $8

I’ve been using for years and it is my go to. I’d rather spend the $8 here rather than a crappy magazine.

Won my league with the app.

First time. Trust it!

Most in depth analysis, but..

I would love to be able to see my team in a roster format, not just the draft grid or composition.. am I missing it or is it just not there?

Rotowire Draft App

Great presentation and I’m sure I’ll love it for live drafts this year.

Great App

I love this app. Easy to organize players. And is updated daily. I like the addition of ops to the stats as well. Thanks Rotowire

Essential App

This app is a must download for me every year. No way I would head into my draft without it. Especially enjoy the ability to color code players when doing predraft research.

Excellent Draft Analysis

To me, this is one of my favorite apps out there, and officially kicks off the fantasy baseball season which I love. There's enough helpful features and changes each year that I feel comfortable coming back time after time, and the draft section has set me up to win at least one of my leagues for the last two years. Highly recommend!

Best all-round fantasy app

It’s the simplest to use and it allows the user the ability to customize his team including keeper

Best fantasy baseball app

Love this app. Works great for all my drafts (snake and auction). Great job Rotowire

Favorite baseball app!

Yay, it's out early!!! Love how I can adjust rankings by my leagues different scoring rules. Auction value feature is also clutch!

The best available!

This is the best app I've used for my fantasy baseball draft preparation. Customization is nearly limitless, analysis is in depth, and the features are plentiful. Five stars!

Look forward to this every year

Thankful for the early release this year. Essential for my draft prep. Can never start too early.

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